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Classic Tractors and Commercial Vehicles

Classic Tractors and Commercial Vehicles
One of our newer sections is concerned with classic commercial vehicles, steam engines, tractors and trailers.  Rather different to some of our usual subject matter, but a field which is generating more and more interest, and fast losing its status as a minor hobby for a select few special interest collectors.

This has been for a variety of factors – the most obvious being the fact that owning a classic commercial or agricultural vehicle is a less suitable hobby for many collectors who don’t have the space to keep one nor the opportunity to use such a vehicle.  Not only this, but in the case of light commercial vehicles, small trucks and vans, corporate use has meant that not many have made it in restorable condition.  The sheer scale of these vehicles can make restoration a daunting proposition, and the fact that tractors and farm engines have usually been used on farms and the like until they are literally dead, often being repaired with all manner of bizarre materials over the years, makes the task even bigger.

A browse online reveals however that there is actually a great deal of interest in the subject matter.  There are several websites devoted to steam engines, the history of and current examples, e.g.  www.steam-up.co.uk.  There are corporate and agricultural vehicle manufacturers who have huge fan bases with photos of loving restored vehicles and stories of restoration for example the AEC Society who celebrate the firms building of London Buses from the beginning of the 20th century to 1979, and lots more besides.

Then there are the shows – notable is the Great Dorset Steam Fair (www.gdsf.co.uk) which is a mix of national heritage, classic vehicles, music, rural demonstrations and family events.  The show attracts more than 200,000 visitors annually and is a huge draw for enthusiasts and families alike, so anyone interested in running or restoring a vintage vehicle that was once commercial or agricultural should go along and find out more.
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